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Creating A WordPress Tag Index Page

For some reasons, I tend to stay away from tag clouds whenever possible. While they’re visually appealing, tag clouds tend to give focus on highly-used tags and it’s quite difficult to scan for certain topics that you might actually be interested in.

With that in mind, I wanted the users to:

  • See a list of all tags on my site.
  • See the tags sorted in alphabetical order to allow easy scanning.
  • Show number of frequency

10 Useful Resources for Lessn, The URL Shortener

Recently I’ve bought myself a short domain for use with Previously I’ve been using for all my links on Twitter and I just thought it’s about time to use a url shortener service that could represent octalforty as a brand instead.

After spending few hours researching on the options available to me, I’ve decided to go with Lessn, by the great Shaun Inman.

Since Lessn is offered as-is, without support and …

Assigning Role On WordPress Registration Page

Update! A newer post has been published as a follow-up to this post.

Read Assigning Role On WordPress Registration & Profile Page

These few months, I’ve been playing around with various parts of WordPress theming. It was no easy task as I’m used to how Expression Engine allows me to do most of the stuff I needed without much PHP knowledge needed.

One part that I’ll try to customize most of the time, is the …