How To Delete Myspace Tracker Comment

Hello. Just so you know, this article is recovered from previous version of octalforty and will not be maintained.

Myspace beginning to piss me off somehow. Everywhere I go there’s those spam about tracker thing. And people told me that they can’t delete it, thus forcing them to delete their account 🙁


Well enough of this! Today I’m going to show you how to remove those comments!

So here’s what you need to do :

  1. Log on to Myspace, then go to Edit/View All Comments. It’s there if you view your profile. The easiest way is to copy this string below and paste it in your URL bar.[yourfriendID]

    Make sure to replace “[yourfriendID]” with your friend ID number.

  2. Now come’s the tricky part. First we need to understand how MySpace sort the comments. The first comments on top will always be with number 00. The one above that post will be 01 and so on. Remember the count doesn’t start with 1, but with 0!

  3. Now by doing that, you now know the comment ID number of the one that you want to delete, which is the spam tracker thing in this case. Check the code below :

    <p>The above code is to delete the first comment. So if you’d like to delete, let’s say the third comment, you must type this in your URL address:</p>

    Notice the 02? (Hint it’s the ctl02 part on the above line). Change that according to the comment ID number, paste it in the URL bar in your browser and press Enter.

  4. Now laugh like a mad man because you did the unthinkable 🙂 Play a recorded sound of thunders if you’d like 😛