Flock to the Social Age. An Introduction

Hello. Just so you know, this article is recovered from previous version of octalforty and will not be maintained.

Flock. The new entry to the already “hot” browser war. With Firefox and Internet Explorer competes head to head to be in the top of the chain, a new entry like Flock would certainly need to promise a lot in order to grab some “loyal” users that the big fishes didn’t manage to catch. In this series, I will tell you what makes Flock my new favorite browser! All hail to the advent of social era! Enter Flock!

Flock Review Header

Flock – For Browsing, For Sharing, For Finding Out

I am sure you noticed all the current trends on the web. Cutely-named, bright colors, rounded corners and all those nifty stuff like AJAX and the likes. The good guys who developed Flock thinks it is the best if they concentrate on the highest concentration of surfers on the Web. That would mean us, the bloggers 🙂 . Add a few nifty features of Web 2.0 and you got yourself one good browser for this generation!

Let’s go through some of the finer things in Flock. Click on the link to go straight to the corresponding tour page at Flock.com

Now I’m not going to go anywhere. Browse through all the features and we’ll continue. Let me get my coffee 🙂

Flock Start Page

Ah. Now that’s better. All done? Now don’t you think Flock is AMAZING? Isn’t it the best browser to date? With Flock’s compatibility with famous services like del.icio.us, Flickr, Myspace and lot’s more online services and sites that we normally used. Not to mention it’s compatible to use as a platform to blog on the spot with Blogger, Drupal, LiveJournal, MoveableType, Typepad and WordPress. Now that’s something I say!

To tell you the truth, I’ve removed Internet Explorer (top of to-do list) every time I got my system formatted, and have been using Opera and then Firefox. I loved Firefox when all these extensions that gives me the features on Opera at my fingertips start to become available for use. But then, Firefox seems to have this certain problem with “memory leaks” when you keep it open over a long period of duration. There’s of course various solution said to be a fix for this problems like what’s written here, but somehow it just won’t work for me. With Flock, I noticed that the resource didn’t go as crazy as Firefox did, and for that I am thankful.

And did I mentioned it’s fast? What I mean is that I noticed that page loads faster and didn’t take long to start up when I’m using Flock instead of other browsers like Firefox. I’ll back this up as soon as I have the time and do a benchmark and post it as part of the Flock to the Social Age series.

It’s still new so don’t expect it to be bug-free. Try Flock and you’ll be glad to have made the change. In the next series, I will write on how you can make your web experience better with Flock, so stay tuned!