8 Must Have Flock Extensions

Hello. Just so you know, this article is recovered from previous version of octalforty and will not be maintained.

Following my recommendation, you have downloaded the nifty Flock v0.7.8 browser. You probably spend a few hours to familiarise yourself with the features available underneath Flock. As promised, this is a continuation of the “Flock to the Social Age” series. I bring you Part 2 – 8 Must Have Flock Extensions.

Here’s how we going to do it, I’ll list down the best 8 Flock extensions that I think worthy of recommending, and include my own personal comments on the listed extensions. As you probably read from here, I just find it wrong if I recommend something that’s not so… “nifty”. Catch what I’m saying here? The list will be ordered from 1 to 10, with “1” being the first extension you HAVE to install right after getting the new Flock. To install any of the plugins listed below, just click the “(Install Now!)” link that’s available to you next to the name of the extensions. Anyway, on to the list!

  1. Adblock by MozDev (Install Now!)
    Flock Extension - Adblock

    Since the time when I use Firefox until now with the new Flock v0.7.8, this is one of the plugins I just can’t live without! You can practically configure this extension so that none of the nasty ads will make themselves visible. Here’s a screenshot of what this extension will do to the ads you might come across :

    Flock Extension - Adblock (Example)

  2. Noscript by Giorgio Maone (Install Now!)
    Flock Extension - NoScript

    NoScript gives you what I say “extra measures”. Let’s use an example. Often you will go to a site, and miraculously the site attempts to install “something” (now we all now where that comes from rite?) due to your lack of understanding IT or just plain “Learn2Read” syndrome. What NoScript will do is block scripts from running UNLESS you have given the “OK” 🙂

  3. Greasemonkey by MozDev (Install Now!)
    Flock Extension - Greasemonkey

    What this nifty Flock extension will do is let you change a little bit of a website “behaviour”. Again I will take Myspace as an example. What do you think instead of having to go through a users page (God forbid the ugly codings) to view their pictures, you can have a “shortcut” as below :

    Greasemonkey In Action

    To use it is easy. First step is to install Greasemonkey for Flock. Then go to userscripts.org to find a script that would help you in your daily life. Lastly right click on the “Install this script” link on top right of the page and click “install user script”. Enjoy!

  4. Web Developer by Chris Pederick (Install Now!)
    Flock Extension - Web Developer

    As a web designer, I just can’t go on with my life without one of these nice Web Developer extension for Flock. What it will give you is add a top bar with stuff that you WILL use in the course of making a website. An example of one of the functions available is as below :

    Web Developer Screenshot

  5. Aardvark by Karmatics (Install Now!)
    Flock Extension - Aardvark

    I’d like to think Aardvark as a companion for the Web Developer extension for Flock as mentioned above. While Web Developer is good, somehow I don’t prefer the way it highlights certain section of the page that I want. This is where Aardvark comes in! It can pinpoint an element on a page, with its’ properties and manage to do all that smoothly!

    Aardvark Flock Extension Screenshot

  6. Session Manager by zeniko (Install Now!)
    Flock Extension - Session Manager

    One of the “Working Commandments” is to save your work. You never know what might happen. Thus this plugin has saved me a couple of times. Although I prefer the Firefox version of Tab Mix Plus, but no one ported it so far. Some of you out there might recommend me to use Flock’d to try and make it compatible with Flock, but I just don’t like it. I tried Flock’d for a few days with various “converted” extensions but it gave me a hell of crashes and slow response time. Let’s just hope the TMP developer saw this and make one for Flock 🙂

  7. RankQuest SEO Toolbar by RankQuest (Install Now!)
    Flock Extension - RankQuest SEO Toolbar

    Oh how we all know that in order to gain visitor, content is king. But that won’t do without some work on your SEO (READ: Search Engine Optimisation). What this extension for Flock will do is add a toolbar similar to what Web Developer extension did, which contains all those nifty tools that you’ll use like Keyword Density Analyzer, Meta Tag Analyzer, and stuff like that.

  8. GMail Manager by Longfocus (Install Now!)
    Flock Extension - GMail Manager

    Remember the first time you had ice cream when it’s damn hot outside? The smooth milky texture and coolness that the ice cream gave you when your tongue touches the cold soft ice? That’s what I felt when I found this extension for Flock! Yeah maybe I’m exaggerating with the experience part there but it helps when you have lots of gmail accounts!

So there you have it. 8 best Flock extensions that you have to get! If you somehow need more extensions, feel free to browse through Flock Extension page. Once you do, please tell me which one you fall in love with 🙂

See you in the next part of the series. Until then…