Survivor’s Guide To Internet Outage

Hello. Just so you know, this article is recovered from previous version of octalforty and will not be maintained.

There I was, getting myself ready to enter Stratholme, I’m getting sudden latency increase of 4k instead of the normal 400ms. And to think that it happened when I wanted to grind for those Argent Dawn’s reputation! *Sigh*. So there I was cursing TMNet since it happened before. I woke up the next day, wanted to check my email but still the net is down except for locally hosted site. Upon further investigation, a quake hit Taiwan and with it, down goes the cable of which we, the netizens hold dear of, the “APCN2 S7? which is one of the six cables that went down.

To think that the day before, Blizzard made me happy by announcing no server is scheduled to be down on Tuesday as norm, but then God just decided to take away a few days off my WoW! Talk about bad karma 🙂 Anyways, here I’d like to share with on how you can continue surfing as normal while the other “nerds” frantically panicked grieving over their dead Net 😛

Screensshot of tracert in action

As by now, you should know that the Taiwan connections are down. And with it cripples our connection to the majority of US hosted site. If you try doing a “tracert” to some US-hosted site, you’ll notice that our connection to UK is not crippled entirely, but still not enough :P

So how do we get around this problem? I am sure you guys just can’t bare the fact that you have to face the real world now, do you? So, behold and bow down to your savior, the “proxy“!

Picture of a list of proxy servers

Let me get this simple as we all want to continue our surfing ASAP, don’t we? First step, is go to any of the free proxy site that you can find and take note of its IP and port number. An example of such site is here. I would suggest that you pick a server from Australia since they’re not affected by the quake and so is other Oceanic countries. I wouldn’t suggest India/Vietnam and the likes due to the fact of limited connections that they probably have.

Next step will be configuring your browsers to use those proxies. I’ll show you a step-by-step on how to do it using the three browsers that I have at the moment, which is Internet Explorer *gasp*, Mozilla Firefox and the nifty Flock.

Oh and my thanks to Walski69 for the hint 🙂 Check out his site on how to configure Opera.